Douglas & O’Dell

          Douglas Odell is inspired by Dante Mitchell’s father and maternal grandfather,  Mr. C. Douglas Mitchell and the late, Mr. O’Dell L. Holmes. After the transition of his mother in 2008, Mitchell wanted to honor their memory by naming his lifelong dream after these important loved ones. Their influence made such an impact on his life and of course inspired his fashion sense. Mitchell can remember his father teaching him how to tie a necktie and never failing to mention, “always iron your clothes and walk out presentable, you’re a Mitchell”.

            “I have carried these lessons on class and grooming throughout my life; they have become a part of who I am.  My grandpa, whom I loved and respected dearly, almost never stepped out of the house without a full suit, shined dress shoes, an overcoat, and hat. As I spent many summers with him, I not only admired his style but his class.  Such a distinguished gentleman, whom we all miss. When he passed away, my mom made sure I received many of his ties and solid gold cufflinks; I will cherish these heirlooms forever”

Dante Mitchell